Get Motivated to Get Started!

 Wish to lose weight easily, safely and naturally?? I am sure you do and that’s precisely the reason, you are reading this page! Perhaps, you know how to get fit and probably, you have tried a lot of weight loss plans to realize that the problem is not eating healthily and exercising regularly, BUT to stay motivated to do so, till you achieve your dream weight. We understand that to succeed at slimming, motivation is one of the most important aspects to work at. It is this motivation, which is going to provide us with the determination to get up and exercise even if we don’t feel up to it, to stick to the low fat and high fiber recipe selections and to continue with the dietary discipline, we had set up in our daily lifestyles. Most dieters would definitely have certain degree of motivation, as they have already decided to take action. But the problem, which we need to tackle for most, is going to be able to keep the levels high and long enough to prevent any relapse.  Work through some of the following strategies, developed just for you and see if these can increase your desire for success! 


Try learning to love yourself for who you are, not who you wish to be. Acknowledge that you need to improve your health or weight but also that this is going to take time and lot of effort, if you have been following not so healthy lifestyle earlier. After you have tried to understand and appreciate your bodies, then only, you will be able to work with them!Start with small changes (like having more fruits and vegetables during the day or going for a walk every morning or having junk and processed foods only once a week) and let them develop into an eating habit. 

B) SET achievable goals

 You should set realistic, practical and easily obtainable goals. Because when you attain each goal, it provides you the feeling of accomplishment and gives you the motivation to continue.

Go slow and try to target 1-2 pounds or half to one kilo loss per week. Being too fast might not be good for your health and lesser than this would not be worth putting effort for. A goal to walk for 30 minutes a day, five days a week- is not only specific, but it is also attainable. I usually advise my patients to treat themselves with a forbidden food of their choice, to celebrate the success and then get back to their diet plan to meet the target for the coming week.

Maintain a positive outlook, seek support from friends and family and generally be happy about this entire process of developing healthy eating habits.

If you miss out on exercise on one day or had to eat an extra helping at a social event, don’t despair-rather put in an extra 10 minutes next day in your workout.

 C) Assign a date to start the plan 

 I know it is difficult to get motivated to start with yet another plan, especially if you have tried dieting earlier and had struggled or regained the lost weight back.


Find the inspiration to start a weight loss plan TODAY by asking yourself –

 ·         How being overweight has affected your life and health? ·         Does being overweight restrict you to do things, which you would love to do or could have done, if you were not overweight? 

We all know that losing weight is definitely going to help us feel better and look great! Maintaining a healthy eating habit and active lifestyle is going to reduce our risks to diabetes, heart diseases, and liver problems……

So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge NOW and help us to show you that losing weight is not as hard, as you thought it to be……….         

All tools and information on this site are intended as an aid to help healthy adults lose weight and not intended as medical advice. The information presented here is not for pregnant or breast-feeding women or for any person under the age of 18. If you suffer or think you may suffer from any medical condition you should consult your doctor before starting any weight loss exercise regime. Any weight loss exercise programs or diet should be started slowly and we advise you to always consult your doctor or physician beforehand


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