Identify your Prakruti


The concept of understanding your body constitution (Prakruti) to modify your eating habits and lifestyle is unique to Ayurveda, the holistic science of medicine from India. The word ‘Prakruti’ means ‘nature’ or ‘constitution’ of an individual, and essentially includes the body, mind and soul.

The body of an individual is made up of 3 functional units or doshas such as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Of the three doshas, the predominant one forms a specific ‘prakruti’, unique to an individual. The knowledge of this provides an insight into basic functioning of an individual and also aids in understanding the kinds of foods, activities, emotions and thoughts suitable for us. Further more, this helps us to become aware of the diseases we may become prone to, and to follow a preventive lifestyle. 

Answer the following questions and mail them at to get your Prakruti analysis absolutely FREE.  

1. Body Frame      Lean, Medium built, overweight, obese 2. Skin Texture Dry, Normal, Oily, Very oily with pimples and moles 3. Skin color Wheatish complexion, Fair, Very fair and sensitive, Dark 4. Scalp hair Dry, brittle, brown, Black, smooth, Oily, grey, little hair or bald 5. Eye size and color Small, Normal, large; brown, black or any other color 6. Lips  Pink, red, pale, dark; dry and cracked, moist and ulcerated, moist 7. Bowel habits Irregular and constipated, regular but loose, regular but 2-3 times a day, regular and normal 8. Weight gain Difficulty in gaining weight, gain/lose weight easily, gains easily but difficulty in losing. 9. Preferred food Warm, cold, either 10. Preferred climate Dislikes cold and dry weather, prefers col and ventilated places, tolerates most climates 11. Concentration Short tem, can concentrate for long duration, concentrates only till work is done. 12. Decision making Takes time, rapid decision taking, indecisive mostly 13. Friends Lots of acquaintances but few Close Friends, Very Selective and Make Enemies very Easily, Friendly and many Trustworthy friends  14. Sleep Light and disturbed, sound, sound sleep but still feels drowsy. 15. Appetite Variable, strong, normal 16. Temperament Anxious, irritable, stable   Know your  Prakruti to achieve optimal health and innate happiness!  


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