Are you on a popular fad diet?

There are many popular fad diets around us and all over the internet. In this article I will explain exactly what makes certain diet plans fad diets, how can you identify them from a distance and finally the secret behind that elusive, yet so widely used term ’weight loss’. You would be surprised to find that the weight loss is indeed possible without them.

 Salient features of a fad diet-

1. A fad diet always has a fancy name and unbelievable promises attached. When weight loss diets come with a name, it usually means there is some sort of marketing behind them. And, when there is marketing behind them, it is most likely to be a fad diet.

2. If your weight loss program requires you to do something that you don’t actually NEED to do in order to lose weight, then it might be a fad diet. We all know what it takes to lose weight- hard work and dedication. And the diets which involve doing something other than these things, you can pretty much consider your diet plan a fad. Sometimes it’s eating low carb, sometimes low fat, sometimes it’s eating only cabbage soup (seriously, there is a diet called “The Cabbage Soup Diet”) and sometimes it’s some other very similar, yet very unnecessary thing.

3. A fad diet comes with a list of overtly satisfied testimonials. If you decided on your weight loss program based on the testimonials you read, then you might be on a fad diet. A testimonial is basically when someone says really good things about something for the purpose of getting other people to get/use/buy it. For example, when a person goes on a certain diet plan and actually loses weight, they might says something like, “I was overweight all my life. I tried everything! Pills, diets, exercise, supplements… none of it worked! I just couldn’t lose weight! But then I happened to see a commercial for ::ABC fad diet:: and in just 5 weeks I lost all my extra pounds!!!” The bottom line is that if a diet plan has too well scripted and hard to believe testimonials… it’s likely to be a fad diet.

4. If your weight loss program needs you to buy a instruction CD, a manual or a guide or if you had to order specialty food, supplements or products of any kind… if you had to pay for support meetings, online membership or ANYTHING online or offline, then perhaps you have hit upon the fad diet. Besides obvious things like a gym membership or a treadmill or a diet consultation with a dietitian, where you would have to bear the expenses.

So, now that you know what fad diets are, you should be wondering if they actually work. The answer to this question is… yes, they might. Most of the popular fad diets around these days will indeed allow you to lose weight if followed correctly, at least in the initial weeks of starting the plan. But, do you really want to base your weight loss program on doing something unnecessary to losing weight? Or something which you know is not the healthy way to losing weight or would be difficult to maintain in the future? Perhaps,not.

So, why to get into it in the first place and that too after paying so much??

Well, let’s finally accept it that weight loss only happens when you are in a calorie deficit. What that means is that there are a certain number of calories that your body needs each day in order to maintain your current weight. For example,let’s say you need 2500 calories a day. So then, if you were to start eating 2000 calories a day instead, you will lose weight. That’s it… it’s that simple. No fads needed.

You will of course want the calories you do consume to come from the right food sources, and you’ll also want to workout correctly, but that is the very heart of what is required from an effective weight loss program. It doesn’t have a name. It doesn’t make you do something unnecessary. It has no testimonials. And, oh yeah… it does not come with a hefty price tag. And most importantly, here you are choosing the dietary modifications, so compliance to them is going to be better and surely for long!

Go ahead and choose you way to health!


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