Food for Thought


When thousands of people die in terrorist attacks or when hundreds meet their end in natural disasters like cyclone, flood or earthquake, they are rightly considered as global tragedies with manifold implications. However, when the same numbers of people die each day of unnecessary, preventable diseases like diabetes and heart ailments, nobody even raises eyebrows or misses a wink.

Yes, the diseases I am referring to are the ones which can be prevented with minor thoughtful modifications in your lifestyle, eating habits and activity levels. And yet, we don’t seem to care until these diseases strike us or our dear ones. We ignore the daily warning bells(read lowering energy levels, digestive complaints, increasing waistlines, receding hairlines and soaring stress levels ) and choose to wait for the inevitable to strike. Ever wondered why?

Why do we surrender ourselves to a life of wrong food choices, unhealthy stimulants, minimal physical activity and environmental pollution? A disease like diabetes or kidney failure don’t come up overnight  and are in fact results of subjecting our bodies to assault of free radicals. The free radicals are basically minute bombs sitting in our livers, kidneys, pancreas, hearts and blood and waiting to explode. Ironically, we only are to be blamed for their excess production owing to our lifestyle choices. This free radical activity disintegrates our immunity, impairs our bodily functions and makes us susceptible to a host of diseases and chronic disorders.

So how do we take control?

One sure way of taking control is by watching what we put on our plates. Another way can be to regularly indulge in any physical activity of choice, perhaps as simple as walking or swimming. Yet another way could be to try being a cold turkey and quit smoking, drugs and excess alcoholic intake.

Well, you might not be able to fight your genetic predisposition for a particular ailment or for that matter  contribute much towards lowering environmental pollution or pesticides in foods. But you can definitely arm yourself with an arsenal of good nutrition and correct lifestyle preferences.

A vibrant, disease free life is waiting to be embraced, you just need to take that first step! Choose a change today, which you can follow for a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for?


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