The Goji Berries

                                                                                                  By- Dr.Panchali Moitra


With a mildly tangy taste and raisin like chewy texture, the evergreen shrubs of goji berries have recently been endorsed as an anti aging wonder herb. These red coloured shrivel skinned, small goji berries are native to subtropical regions of Tibet and China.

Although, there are not many clinical studies to support the list of healthful benefits associated with drinking goji berry juice or eating foods containing goji berries, the traditional Chinese medicine has been using goji berries (also known as wolf berries) for an array of herbal preparations since ancient times. This Chinese berry has been claimed to possess potent anti oxidant properties with ability to arrest any free radical damage associated with ageing. The goji berry supporters claim goji berries to be a rich source of carotenoids (especially beta carotene and zeaxanthins), vitamins and minerals.

The goji berries are typically found in dried form and are believed to have a key role in strengthening immune system, protecting liver functions, boosting blood circulation, promoting longevity and most importantly reducing the risk to age related macular degeneration (or eye problems common among elderly).

Being rich in fibre, goji berry works wonders for flushing out toxins from the body and is also known to be a good source of essential fatty acids and amino acids.

In traditional Chinese medicine, goji berry has been recommended to be consumed raw or added to herbal soups and broths. Recent times have witnessed many Chinese herbalists brew the dried goji berries into tea or add it to liquid extracts, health beverages, trail mixes and even chocolate bars.

Goji juice is marketed at Chinese herbal stores in bottles (typically in 32-ounce bottles) at prices which can be as high as $50 USD for approximately a fortnight’s supply. The price can be a deterrent as the evidence supporting the healthful benefits of goji berry consumption are yet not compelling enough. Also, not much is known about the possible side effects or any interference with drugs or medications.

While there is no doubt that goji berries, like other fruits and berries are rich in antioxidants and may definitely be good for health, it would perhaps be a bit farfetched to assume them to prevent ageing or make you younger. The formula for good health and better disease management shall always be a combination of balanced diet with 3-5 servings of fruits everyday along with a regular activity regime.


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