Hoodia – Slimming wonder herb

                                                                                                   Dr.Panchali Moitra

Hoodia is a spiny succulent plant which is without any leaves and has a fleshy finger like stems. The hoodia plant grows naturally in the harsh deserts of Africa(Kalahari deserts) and has been used by African tribals and nomads for generations as an appetite suppressants during long hunting trips.

Although there are over 20 species in the Hoodia family, it is only the Hoodia Gordonii plant which is known to contain a natural appetite suppressant and medicinal values. This appetite suppressing attribute caught the Attention of the medical researchers worldwide and led to the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research of South Africa) to isolate the active ingredient in Hoodia in 1977, which is now commonly known as P57.

Researchers found that when you eat hoodia stems or hoodia extracts like P57, the brain gets tricked into thinking that there is enough energy (blood sugar) and doesn’t need to eat, so it shuts down the hunger mechanism. This appetite suppressing properties led Hoodia Gordonii to gain a widespread attention as an all natural weight loss supplement. The celebriries like Oprah and other media cover ages helped to popularize the hoodia as an effective weight loss supplement. It has been shown that normally, it can take up 2 weeks for the appetite to actually start receding, however, many people notice the appetite suppressing effects within one day. One needs to be extra careful with their water intake as hoodia tends to also shut off your thirst mechanism to a certain extent.

The hoodia diet pills are available across the counter and help to ward away cravings by suppressing your desire to eat. Though each company guards the secret formula of combination of hoodia with other weight loss enhancing ingredients like green tea extracts, caffeine or garcinia in their diet pills, it is imperative to look for supplements with 100% pure hoodia gordonii without any fillers or cheap ingredients. While there have been no side or adverse effects of Hooodia which has been reported on the human body, the fact is  that it is a dietary pill, whose side effects have not yet been studied extensively . Weight loss becomes quite easy with hoodia supplements in the form of capsules, pills, gels or powders and that too without any known side effects. Hoodia is a potent weight loss supplement that allows natural weight loss and as an herbal diet pill has witnessed only success in its effectiveness to control weight.

Hoodia is marketed under various combinations, formulations and potencies such as Hoodia Pure, Hoodia Source or Hoodia Supreme., among many others. They are typically available in 300mg to 1000mg release tablet forms which slowly dissolves across a 24 hr period.

ü  It is however important to note that hoodia gordonii is just a small piece in the weight loss puzzle and a proper diet and exercise regime remains the cornerstone of any effective weight loss plan.

ü  There is no doubt that hoodia has helped many dieters to reach their dream weights quite easily and naturally, but it would always be better to have realistic expectations and not consider hoodia as a wonder drug or pill.

ü  As with any other dietary supplement, it would be better to decide on the dosage, combination and potency of hoodia extract on an individual basis, preferably after a consultation from your physician.

ü  The key to optimum weight loss is combining intake of natural dietary supplements like Hoodia with adequate dietary interventions and regular exercise.


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