By– Dr. Panchali Moitra

When thousands of people die in terrorist attacks or when hundreds meet their end in natural disasters like cyclone, flood or earthquake, they are rightly considered as global tragedies with manifold implications. However, when the same numbers of people die each day of unnecessary, preventable diseases like diabetes and heart ailments, such news only feature on chat shows and in health statistics.

It remains a favourite subject of debate that why we choose to become so uncaring about our own health and subconsciously let ourselves succumb to unhealthy lifestyle choices for years.  Why do we   agree to ignore our bodies’ screaming symptoms like dry hair, fatigue, weight issues and hormonal imbalance and just wait for the inevitable killer diseases, better known as cancer, hypertension and renal failure to strike us or our dear ones? Even then, instead of trying to rectify the root cause, we typically try to relive the symptom with pills and powders. 

So how do we take control?

Well, the first step would be start loving ourselves and appreciating our own body. Once we start viewing our body as a gift from God, we would start respecting its virtues and stop abusing it with our unhealthy and inappropriate lifestyle choices.  Perhaps would then we be able to disagree to succumb to wrong practices and addictions and get ready to tame our hunger and desires.

 Our bodies are like a big complex machine with many mysteries still to be unveiled. In ancient times, it was believed that our body was governed by certain energy centres or chakras which would typically originate from the spine and then radiate up to the head. Today, the interest in these life generating energy centres or chakras have been rekindled as being able to strike a balance between these chakras is closely related to physical vitality, good health and self consciousness. Any imbalance in any of these ‘wheels of spiritual energy’ is believed to be responsible for mood fluctuations, mental and physical fatigue and also a manifestation of preventable diseases.

Balancing the chakras for optimum health

Chakras work like centres of activity that receives and assimilates life energy or aura and then impacts an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

According to ancient literature, our body has thousands of chakras across our body but there exist seven most significant chakras along the central line of the body. These constantly rotating and vibrating wheels of radiance influence our body shape, endocrinal or hormonal functions and thoughts and mental makeup, all of which affect our tendencies to eat, manage stress and think positive.

Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland or other and hence controls almost all functions of our body. Whenever these chakras (or any one of them) get blocked or are too wide open, the energy is not able to flow in tandem and this imbalance manifests itself in form of disorders and diseases.  So, one can say that the key to good health is the right balance between the seven chakras and the way to achieve it is by meditation, colour and sound therapy.

 Confused? Read on.

We already know that atoms, electrons and even planets revolve or move in the space. When something moves, it creates vibration and when something vibrates, it creates certain sound frequencies. And since every part of our body vibrates with a sound of specific frequency, the chakras in our body can be balanced by adopting therapy involving sound and colours. For a novice, the chakras are invisible but for a qualified energy worker, these energy lines, colours and sound frequencies can be perceived intuitively. It is important to get our chakras evaluated by a chakra reader, so that he understands which chakras are poorly functioning and which ones are perhaps overactive. If one or two chakras don’t work properly, then it leads to other chakras working overtime, which impairs the balance all the more. So getting a misaligned chakra to work optimally, the chakra reader uses his expertise and sets the energy flow at par. Subsequently a variety of actions are suggested by the practitioner to continue easy flow of energy naturally.

Stimulating and aligning the chakra systems with the below are advised-

  1. Drumming– The rhythms generated by drumming promotes healing by affecting each and every chakra in our body. The drumming exercise works as a therapy in itself as it calms our senses, increases our focus, builds our immune response, controls pain ( provides distraction from pain while promoting release of pain controlling chemicals called endorphins) and induces deep self consciousness and connectivity with peers
  2. Correct Foods fuel chakras- aligning chakras is not only about spirituality but also about what we feed our bodies with. Eating a well balanced diet helps bring the chakra energy under balance. Add whole grains, natural fruits, leafy and coloured vegetables and nuts in your diet and avoid overindulgence in animal proteins like meats and dairy products as they bring in imbalance. Fasting and detoxifying diet helps heal the body from within.
  3. Meditation- Chanting, deep breathing and pranayam help as an energizing, stress busting and a spiritual experience. Meditation with closed eyes, being conscious of your inhalation and exhalation and chanting Om has beneficial effect on all chakras and our physical self too. You can also meditate by focusing on any particular image, object or sound.
  4. Chakra Balancing baths– Indulging in a coloured light bath helps to clear and balance chakras. Picturing different chakra colours in our mind and then moving it in a clockwise direction brings in energy while moving it in anticlockwise direction helps to repel the energy which is trying to invade that particular chakra. Colour therapy addresses each function of our body, bringing in the holistic approach of healing and balancing chakras. each chakra has an unique colour associated with it which is taken from a rainbow’s spectrum. Violet ( crown chakra), indigo( third eye), blue( throat), green(heart), yellow(solar plexus) , orange (sacral) and red(base or ground) are the colours which brings in harmony, peace, devotion and a balanced state of mind.


Most streams of alternative medicine such as ayurveda, acupressure, reiki and even modern medicine and quantum physics acknowledge the chakra theory and its role in healing human body. The role and positioning of each chakra gain significant importance in both health and illness. Since the chakras are continuously interacting with each other and the surrounding environment and in turn affecting our mind, body and spirit, no holistic approach shall be complete without a complete understanding of the chakra system.  Any disease is basically a physical manifestation of an internal imbalance and no amount of pills and powders can actually correct the disorders unless a state of equilibrium or balance is maintained from within.

Hence if we wish for a healthy, peaceful and energetic life, we must try to bring out a balance between these energy centres in our body.



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