8 Happy Health Foods That Can Help Manage Anger

by Panchali Moitra
We all know what anger is and how furious it can be: the fleeting displeasure while waiting at the end of a snaking queue during grocery checkout, the surmounting adrenaline rush after our favorite ball team’s unjustified defeat or a full-fledged rage when somebody cuts us off in traffic.

Anger is a normal physiological and psychological process and most researchers agree that expressing anger is essential to good health as long as the expression itself is healthy. Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, cognitive restructuring and better communication are strategies to manage anger.

Foods that Help to Conquer anger

Foods that Help to Conquer anger

But how about developing a defense against the petty annoyances without letting them to press our buttons in the first place. How about nipping the angry bud before it grows into a life controlling weed. How about using the power of simple foods to tackle aggressive thoughts, defeat anxiety and calm down angry outbursts. Sounds good? Read on.

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