Try Reiki to Manage your Headache

Panchali Moitra

Headaches have become so common that we sometimes don’t even feel the need to do something about it, unless the pain becomes really unbearable. Stress and tension at work, arguments at home or pressure before exams- there are always reasons to trigger the headache demon; tension type headaches being the most common ones. The muscle contraction or tension type headaches are usually a result of stress, poor posture or tightening of muscles around our head and neck region, often triggered by insufficient rest.

Reaching for an aspirin may be the most tempting way to deal with these episodic or regular throbbing headaches, but remember by doing so; we are simply alleviating the pain temporarily without addressing the trigger situations. Once you and your doctor have ruled out other potentially more serious causes for your headaches, try the Japanese technique of holistic healing known as Reiki to manage your headaches. You would never go back to pain killers for help!

What exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient art of bestowing peace to the mind. The healing energy, ki, is transferred through palms after getting spiritually attuned to the patient, either through set hand patterns (Western Reiki) or through intuitive learning (Japanese Reiki). The prime focus is on putting the stressed out nerves at ease and improving the blood circulation through the body. Reiki helps to reenergize the body parts by increasing tissue oxygenation, release stress and consequently healing the specific affected parts. Healing Practice of ReikiSince there is no use of any medicine, needles or expensive instruments, Reiki is perhaps the safest and one of the most painless ways of stress reduction and pain relief.

How does Reiki improve tension type headaches?

Reiki, if practiced appropriately can prove to be a great healer of stress induced tension type headaches. Reiki technique involves asking the person to simply sit or lie down comfortably and focus on his throbbing temples or painful sites. The Reiki practitioner then uses different strategic hand placements on the head, face and neck (no touch techniques are also present) to bring about an alignment of energy from aura (a limitless life force) and chakras lines in the body.
The person starts feeling a mysterious energy or a warm, tingling sensation on the affected head or neck region as the practitioner takes the misaligned or negative energy out of the body and instils in fresh and pure energy. A sense of well being, deep relaxation and improvement in the pain sensation is instantly felt. The length of each session and the number of sessions needed depend on the severity of the headaches experienced.

Try Reiki to Manage Headache

Try Reiki to Manage Headache

Reiki is quite a simple technique which can be learnt and practiced by anybody after undergoing a basic attunement process with a registered Reiki master. Unlike popular misconception, Reiki healing does not require intense concentration but only a will to become a Reiki channel. Self treatment is possible after only a few sessions with a Reiki master and helps to manage not only tension type headaches by reducing stress and emotional disturbances, but also to enhance the overall physical and mental health. Experience it to appreciate it!


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