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If you have ever needed to boost your motivation to eat better, exercise more and peel away that excess baggage, this is the right place for you to be in….

Developed by experienced and qualified nutritionist, Panchali Moitra, the Just Health blog aims at assisting you to modify your dietary choices and lifestyle interventions for a better weight control and maintenance of good health. You are sure to find a wealth of information pertaining to basics about nutrition, the practical dietary guidelines and the latest buzz across the nutrition circuit at Just Health.

You can ask your health and nutrition related queries online, check where you are going wrong, and learn how our unhealthy lifestyle choices may adversely affect our well being. If you feel that today’s cut throat professional life is getting you trapped in vicious circle of wrong habits or are looking for simple dietary guidelines to take hold of your health, don’t hesitate to connect with us at contact@panchalimoitra.com.

If you seek personal diet consultations for your specific health problems; you may connect with Panchali Moitra at enquiry@panchalimoitra.com.

If you wish to connect with Panchali Moitra regarding freelance writing assignments, editing, blogging or health writing services; please contact her at panchalim2511@gmail.com.

Looking for healthier versions of your favorite recipes? Visit Panchali Moitra’s Just Health Recipes Blog: A collection of healthiest recipes from around the world.The handpicked recipes at Just Health Recipes are easy to prepare, taste tested and are also healthy and packed with nutrition. You are invited to come and join Panchali in her virtual gastronomic journey across cuisines, cultures and continents.

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