A Welcome Note

Welcome to the world of Health & Fitness!!!

Welcome to Just Health!

We take this opportunity to thank you for considering us your health partners. We look forward to helping you in each and every step towards a disease free healthy life ahead!.

‘Healthy eating is much more than the latest diet craze or a temporary fix’, says Ms. Moitra. ‘It’s about taking a conscious effort to know about your health status and incorporating the correct dietary modifications in your daily routine based on your age, lifestyle and nutritional needs’.

What we have here is a comprehensive blog with a wealth of select information about varied topics of health and fitness. We are here to provide on-line support and tips to those who are struggling with excess body weight and other health problems related to it such as joints pain, chronic fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

Just Health strives to meet your quest for a better life and invites your constructive participation and feedback. Feel free to ask your health queries or to suggest any topic, which you would like to be addressed here.

Looking forward to be your health care associate,


P. Moitra

Nutrition Desk



4 thoughts on “A Welcome Note

  1. I find this website very useful. Thanks for posting relevant topics about food habits and nutritional aspects.
    May I request you to post something about old age people.
    Thank you.


  2. Thank you for posting the details as per my request. I’m honored.
    The details as posted by you are highly informative and educative too.
    Thanks again.


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