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Hi! I am Panchali Moitra, a nutritionist and health blogger by profession, and a cookery show fanatic by compulsion.
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My penchant for blogging began almost a decade ago when I started writing health and nutrition based articles on my blog, Just Health. Juggling between being a nutrition and obesity consultant at a leading healthcare firm in Mumbai, and a mother to two growing kids, I could find just about enough time to pen articles for my blog and watch my favorite cookery shows on TV ;). Meals were either curries dished out in hurry with rice or breads, sandwiches, ready to eat meals or take outs.

And then things changed. My husband decided to take a professional leap and move to Seoul and we decided to come along. With no full time job ( my spouse visa didn’t allow me to take employment here), kids preferring independence over mommy care and a new country to explore, I thought, why not use the new found opportunity and time at hand to discover those aspects of ‘me’ that I never got to develop earlier. Why not translate all those recipes from cookery shows that I have been watching and filing for years into a reality on my kitchen counter. So I sifted through the recipes to find the ones that were doable at home without requiring exotic ingredients or me slaving on the stove for hours…the nutritionist in me helped to select the healthier recipes and render a healthy tweak to the classic ones.

As I met and dined with people from different countries at my language institute, post school PTO meetings and at expat wife lunch parties; my plate content and palate preferences started getting diverse. I found myself enjoying elegant Japanese sushi and delightfully fresh sashimi, Korean favorite kimbap (steamed rice rolled in kim or seaweed), soothing Vietnamese pho (or noodle soups), crunchy Mexican chimichangas, gusty Greek dolmades and enchanting French crepes and tarts.

I started trying out different recipes from international cuisines around the world, some hitting the ‘wow’ corner of our taste buds, some ‘just not there’ yet and quite a few finding solace in the trash. My family went through the entire experimentation phase of cooking trials and ‘hits n misses’ and sportingly took a bite into each of my culinary endeavors.

What I have today is a collection of my favorite recipes from around the world and a sheer appetite to share them with you. These handpicked recipes at Just Health Recipes are easy to prepare, taste tested by my globetrotting husband and picky kids and are also healthy and packed with nutrition. You are invited to come and join me in this virtual gastronomic journey across cuisines, cultures and continents.

I am hoping that you will enjoy reading my posts and trying out my recipes. I would love to hear from you, so feel free to share your ideas, comments and feedback.

Thanks for stopping by and looking around!



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